Writing 101: Day One: Unlock the Mind

WR_101Today is the beginning of another blogging challenge.  This is my third one now.  The first one was Blogging 101 followed by Photo 101 and now Writing 101.  With blogging 101 the point was to a get a functioning blog website going that you would through assignments add to daily.  It was pretty easy overall but required the discipline to participate as close to daily as possible.  If unable to participate daily then quite flexible in terms of just catching up with the assignments.  I am quite familiar with WordPress, the platform used in this series of courses so blogging 101 was definitely more along the lines of familiarising you with the platform.  For me the usefulness of the course was the habit of doing something daily.

Photography 101 was a lot of fun.  This course was also easy in the aspect of finding a subject matter to photograph to tie in with the assignment.  Some of the subject matters were more challenging than others and some of the photographs I took I’m still not quite happy with in terms of them fulfilling the assignment but overall it challenge me to commit to a daily habit.

Now I’m on to Writing 101.  The assignment for today was to unlock the mind by way of just letting pen to paper flow.  Since we are blogging this translates into letting the words flow on the computer screen and then publishing the post – the train of thought as experienced for a 20 minute timed write.  This post therefore is about writing.  It is the fruition of my allowing my immediate thoughts dictate the outcome of the post.  Unlocking the mind in this manner has proved easier than I had anticipated.

This last week was a bit of a break between Blogging Events offered by WordPress.com.  I had signed up for Writing 101 about 10 days ago I think and I was feeling rather tentative regarding committing mentally to joining in the course.  I thought to myself that I had plenty of things to write about and subject matters for my blog that I would like to see come to fruition so taking part in this course would distract me from my real mission of blogging on my desired subject matter.  Guess what!  I wrote like one post over the last week and did not manage to keep a daily habit so as such it would appear that the structure of a commitment is still needed so here I am.

Writing 101.  I am going to try and make this happen and keep the momentum going and maybe even write more than the assignments so as to fulfill my other mission and blog about chosen subject matters.


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  1. Chas Rad says:

    I just saw something about Writing 101 and thought it sounded interesting, but missed the cut-off. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. ibdunn says:

    Sorry you missed the cutoff- I didn’t realise till last night there were cutoffs – it will be around again in a couple of months I’m sure.

  3. Hiya Bonnie 😉

    I took Blogging 101 the previous course. I am going to give the Photo course a try. Thank you for sharing and have a great day


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