Why a BLM over a regular camp ground

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Bonnie, Came upon your site while planning my first Joshua tree trip. I have one night booked at Indian cove and was worried about the possible lack of quiet…I’m keeping my fingers crossed. BUT when the surrounding camp groups wanna be loud and rowdy…my group (my wife and two teenagers) will pull out our drums and we do a drum circle around the fire. It drowns out their rowdy noise and its so much fun to hear them stop and try to figure out where the drumming is coming from….lol! Anyway, I could not agree more on your post. I love just escaping daily life, getting away from everyone, and finding that silenced peace within mother nature. I do a boondocking style camp out in the Coconino forest (near Sedona, Arizona) twice a year. Its my beautiful Zen time! Anyway I love your site and feel free to contact me if you want any Sedona tips. I’m a California girl born and raise but a piece of my heart lives in that red desert! I don’t have a website but my Instagram is Inthegoddessgarden

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