Time for another Roadtrip! Spring trip 2022

The Coronavirus saga for the last for years has put a dampner on my wanderlust adventures. So many people out in RVs since lockdown meant that areas that used to be empty are now full.

Day 1 of the Roadtrip – today!!

I have to say leaving home for this road trip was a little hard. The Rhododendrons in my yard have just started to bloom again!

We set off late afternoon with a stop in Point Arena to pick up a sandwich for later. Driving Highway 1 northwards means lots of winding roads and beautiful coastal views. You can’t be in a hurry for this sort of a route any more than you can expect phone reception.

Winding through the forest as we headed inland it became dark pretty quick. The trees really buried the light from vision!

I use an app called Ioverlander to find parking spots and good overnight spots but on this night I wasn’t happy with what I was finding so I wound up finding a great spot with basic intuition.

Spent the night @ the Salmon Creek exit – wooded area no signs of homeless

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