Thinking about the dogs!

Yesterday was about Zulu! Sky is at peace whenever we are driving but Zulu needed some play and running time. Prior to this trip I had worked a bunch of double shifts with no time for Zulu to get a good run in and before that he was recovering from a sprained ankle so today was a day long overdue for some Zulu time.

We started out at the 29 Palms dog park – he met a couple of playmates but no real running buddies. I was really wishing I could find a place to fly my drone so I came up with the idea to combine the two activities -Zulu exercise and drone flying.

There aren’t many places in the area where I can legally fly. Joshua Tree park is strictly off limits and then there is the restricted airspace of the 29 Palms marine base. It just so happens that the BLM land just north of Joshua tree is also a non-restricted drone area per my airmap app.

The BLM land north of the campground is huge!! And it proved to be a great spot for both the drone and Zulu

BLM North an empty space for Zulu and the drone

Zulu had a good run and I got some cool flight time in -the videos are just too large to share at this time though.

Your comments appreciated and replied to ...

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