The Roadtrip! (Day 2 – April 27)

I was very happy with my chosen place to spend the night. The Salmon Creek pulloff was just right, felt safe and we had a good stroll through the woods and paths nearby in the morning. I’d say we still took about another 6 hours or so to get to Cape Blanco but the drive was good overall. Sure was a lot of construction along the route.

The family photo

When we finally made it to Cape Blanco all the memories of what I love about this place came flooding back. Just an overall peaceful place and I suppose part of it is when you are at home the tendency at least for me is to stay busy working around the house and getting different projects done. When you leave – really leave you get the opportunity to just enjoy your surroundings and the great company of those who bring joy. I enjoy them always but vacationing with them is even better!

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