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Three years ago – -this week!!

Threee years ago in April I took my first road trip in my relatively new (to me) RV. I had purchased the RV as a way to care for my dog Sky. I had to have a way to bring her to work and have air conditioning since she was unable to walk anymore. that’s not the story this time. Sky has changed addresses and has New Views so she is maybe travelling remotely with Zulu and Jazzy. I am heading back to Oregon today. I hadn’t realised until Facebook and Google memories reminded me that I was actually in oregon at this time 3 three years ago. I went back a couple of other times in 2019 and 2020 because it is such a magical place. port orford is the area I found quite without planning 3 years ago. this time I had to plan (not my style) because now, the same campground requires reservations. Cape Blanco. Special place. here’s a Video from my 2019 trip


Sierras Road Trip Day 1

I left the bay area on the 30th of October with the basic plan to head to the Sierras. I had some recommendations from friends on possible routes and places but my attitude as it usually is on these ventures was to just see where I wound up. One of my friends told me how beautiful the Sonora Pass is to drive, so I figured I would aim for that route after dealing with some afternoon traffic and a stop for food I found myself on the Sonora pass around dark. Around 8 in the evening I noticed a decent pullout on the side of the road that looked like a great spot to spend the night. As I let the dogs out for the evening walk and got myself settled in for the night I have to say the lasting impression of the night was the amazing view of the stars and the silence of the night. It was magical! Overnight there were a few cars you could here pass by but it was a quiet and restful night met with another astounding view in the morning of the vast beauty of the mountains and trees around me.

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