Sierras Road Trip Day 1

I left the bay area on the 30th of October with the basic plan to head to the Sierras. I had some recommendations from friends on possible routes and places but my attitude as it usually is on these ventures was to just see where I wound up. One of my friends told me how beautiful the Sonora Pass is to drive, so I figured I would aim for that route after dealing with some afternoon traffic and a stop for food I found myself on the Sonora pass around dark. Around 8 in the evening I noticed a decent pullout on the side of the road that looked like a great spot to spend the night. As I let the dogs out for the evening walk and got myself settled in for the night I have to say the lasting impression of the night was the amazing view of the stars and the silence of the night. It was magical! Overnight there were a few cars you could here pass by but it was a quiet and restful night met with another astounding view in the morning of the vast beauty of the mountains and trees around me.