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A hot shower never felt so good!!

For the last several weeks I’ve been living the inconvenience of no hot water on my boat/my home.  Not to worry, I still found a way to get my daily shower.  I would shower at work or at our clubhouse in the marina but not nearly as convenient as showering in your own home! My water is heater has worked flawlessly for the last 15 years (and it’s been on my boat much longer than that!).  It is a Paloma (Legacy -as in old) Ph5 propane tankless/on-demand water heater.  The last time I changed my propane tank out, in later December, I noticed that the water was just not as hot as usual!  The situation quickly worsened.  Luke warm at best showers and the research began.  The flame in the heater would light but the water wouldn’t get very warm and then wouldn’t stay even luke warm. There are a lot of newer version on demand heaters out there but the main thing I love about this one is the compact size and the fact that it completely mechanical.  No electronic control board -a simple piezo ignition so no battery or power required.  The first thing I checked for in the troubleshooting process was a propane leak.  I soaked all my lines with leak detector and could find no flaws.  The Tankless Water experts at Low Energy Systems have a great website for the purpose of parts and even troubleshooting on a unit as old as mine.  They have a section that addresses common problems, complete with pictures and parts.  For the problem of water not getting hot enough the first suspect on their troubleshooting list is the water valve and this same company sells the water valve rebuild kit for $60.  the part that troubled me with this was the...


Photo 101: Day Nineteen: Double

Double image … my favourite shot of my pup Sky against the sunset and then I mirrored it so it likes like double the ‘Sky’ against the sunset of the sky….!        


Photo 101: Day Eighteen: Edge

Day 18 of Photo 101 and assignment of ‘Edge’ Had a challenge coming up with something for this assignment. Nothing has really jumped out at me for edges. Here’s the result of casual play – at the bottom are a few other experiments…   Today, show us an edge — a straight line, a narrow ridge, a precipice. Tip: To make sure your edge packs a punch, use a photo editing tool to check the alignment and adjust the image, if needed, so that your edge is perfectly straight. As for as my other experiments with edge:


Photo 101: Day Seven: Big & Point of View

There are several photos inside. Please click and if you have a moment feedback appreciated on my colouring choices. Thanks for stopping by. “Today, let’s go big. Whether inside or outside, photograph something of massive size. Feel free to interpret big in your own way, and get creative with your shot. Capture all or just part of the subject. Place it in the foreground so it takes up the entire frame. Or shoot it from afar so it appears smaller — yet still prominent.” In addition to the assignment I am working out some different features of photoshop. The first photo I was playing with light and dark and worked out a lighting effect that I thought emphasised the ‘bigness’ of the Pylon Driver. The rest of the photos I played with the channel mixer to produce partial colour & B&W. The photos in the centre of the pylon and large rope are some definite playing. I kind of like the one that has just the hint of colour with just colourising the rope going around the pylon. Which is your preference or maybe none…??  I also flipped the canvas horizontally for the first of the three just to frame the group. The last one, the excavator, I just wanted to focus on the orange and the ‘bigness’ once again.  


PHOTO101 Day 3: Water & Orientation

OK I have 2 photos to share for day 3, photo101.  One is geese in the water with a vertical and horizontal exposure. This image is kinda more about Photoshop I guess.  I converted the vertical image to black and white and then painted colour, the blue, back in some of the water.  The horizontal photo is the actual colour of everything and then the background is comprised of an image made from the outline of the geese.  Overall I was working more with Photoshop with this image.  I was trying to emphasize the water in the vertical shot by making it the only thing in colour in the photo.   The photo below is all about the reflection in the water, then a focus on the tree surrounded by the sunset.


Photo101 Day 2: Street & Establishing Shots

Today’s assignment was to do a wide shot with focus of street, road, alley or similar.  The tip involved with the assignment was to try and make it a wide angle shot that sets ups a scene and has a foreground and a background. I decided to focus on our marina parking lot/road from a dog’s eye view.  My foreground is the side view of my dog Zulu’s face and the background is obviously the road/parking lot.  it took a number of shots for me to get him to keep his face in a position looking forward.  I wanted his face to be in focusand pointing to the background of the parking lot and greenery surrounding. Thanks for your help Zulu!


Home: Harmony Of Mind Expressed

Day 1 of Photo101 -another excursion into attempts to blog daily only this time with photos!  Today’s assignment:  What does home look like or mean to you? Share an image in a new post. When I think of Home I think of it representing the acronym, Harmony Of Mind Expresed.  There is a saying, home is where the heart is!  For me, home represents beauty, harmony, peace and love.  Living in a community of friends, surrounded by the beauty of the ocean, nature and the most incredible sunsets.  I am so grateful to have this harmony as a part of my life ….


Community lost without swift response (Daily prompt use it or lose it)

Use It or Lose It Communities are seeming like a lost art in the hustle and bustle of daily life in this ‘civilised world’. How civilised are we if we don’t know our neighbours. Do you know yours? We need one another all the time but sometimes it is only in an emergency when we truly feel and recognise the neighbourly love and care that could be felt every day. I’m grateful to live in a close nit community where we do know and care about one another on a daily basis. We have no security here, no emergency services within close reach. We do have one another and the care and compassion and challenges of this knowledge. Use it or lose it is the subject of this daily prompt and I for one find that it relates to using or losing our sense of community. Love is meant to be shared and if we don’t use and express the love and caring for our neighbours and neighbourhood before you know it though we have people living next door we have lost our real neighbours and community. It was a quiet night. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was at my computer working on some sort of mindless project or perhaps a mindful project… then I thought I heard the distinct sound of two cats at each others throats wailing their dominance. It was high pitched and brief but enough of a commotion in our quiet harbour community for me to go to my door and look out and listen … nothing. Nothing at all. My neighbour Ike in his boat berthed next to mine looked out at the same time and we commented that we had heard this commotion and then went back to our respective activities. Within moments -we...

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