Almost a week of the Esselstyn Diet

This doesn’t look so bad for an essentially vegetarian diet.  Vegetarian with an Esselstyn twist that is!  The twist of this diet, is no oils -none!  No cooking oil, no oil in salad dressing and paying attention to packaging in purchases so as to not inadvertently buy a food group w/oil in it as can be found with canned beans and hummus in particular.   This was my creation for tonight. Left over steamed brown rice with beans and raisens and then cucumber, tomatoes and pomegranate seeds surrounding.   Quite good I must say. I had an appointment at the VA this morning – fortunately I thought to make a sandwich to take with me.   Bread ok at least the one I’m using, Ezekial 4:9 sprouted grain bread.  I had a slice of bread a couple of hours after dinner with hummus spread on it, chia seeds spread out and then the bean rice concoction. Filled the appetite as well as the accompanying cucumbers dipped in hummus. It take a little thought to stay true to the diet but the logic behind the diet appeals to me and the fact that it’s not about portioning or allowing the food to be a stress -at least no more of a stress than changing your diet with a complete and total makeover.  No Dairy, no eggs, no oil, no cheese, no ice-cream no milk …. can eat bread the Ezekial, or Aladdin’s pocket pita, etc flaxseed, multigrain, sunflower seed all considered good. I’m on the road.  The weight doesn’t show it yet -think it’s time to hook up with the gym too!