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Sleep versus rest

I think rest is more important than sleep and to be honest I think I am getting more rest in spite of what might seem to be less sleep. Of course then again, if I’m asleep do I know I am asleep? This quest to get Ambien and caffeine out of my life sent me to bed around 2 in the afternoon yesterday just for a nap. I wound up with some great rest and I suppose this also effected my ability to sleep last night. This is of no consequence to me since today when I got up I feel pretty well rested and I actually remember having dreams and can even remember some of the dreams. I havn’t had or at least remembered a dream in years so this is something new to me. When I was younger my dreams were crazy borderline terrifying. One thing I did value in my dreams of my youth was my ability to solve Maths problems in my dreams and almost (not quite) put those solutions on paper when I awoke. I remember trying to get back to sleep to finish remembering a Calculus solution that I couldn’t square away in my mind once awake. The good thing about today is the headache is finally gone that seems to be a symptom of caffeine withdrawal. I hadn’t intended to give up caffeine in this process to start with but now, judging by the fact that it took two days for the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal to set in after I quit using any caffeine, it makes me realise how much it must have been in my system. To be fair to the process of having more restful sleep / any sleep or rest it seems important to eliminate those things that could...


The quest for sleep (getting rid of Ambien and caffeine)

There’s a number of reasons why I seem to have, over the years, developed the inability to fall asleep naturally on my own. In the more recent years I have been able to attribute those reasons to shift work. All the other stresses and issues that could have been a source for sleep depravation from my youth to my adult years I feel I have handled and moved forward from with the last piece in the puzzle being the reliance on Ambien to fall asleep and then again to go back to sleep. About a year ago I tried to give up Ambien an was mildly successful as I recall by using an alternative sleep aid like ibuprofen pm but was having to take too much and feeling too groggy as a result so I gave it up. About three weeks ago I started the journey again. During my time off from work (which is 8-9 days) I decided to go without Ambien. This didn’t mean I was getting sleep I was just napping overnight but I was doing ok during the day so I went with it. I also started taking melatonin, 5mg gummies. (They are quite good so I would eat 5-6 of these so about 25-30mg of melatonin). It kind of helped. This week I am trying a new tactic. A friend gave me some hibiscus tea to try. In Grenada we referred to it as sorrel and made a Christmas drink from the hibiscus flowers. I never knew that there is some sleep benefits to this basically from what I’ve read, lower the blood pressure type stuff. It does seem to to be quite relaxing as a hot tea so whether or not it helps with sleep is still to be determined but the relaxing effect...

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