Sunsets and music

I’ve found life has a way of making us stop and smell the roses or get pricked by their thorns. Sometimes the thorn prick is the wakeup call needed to reevaluate objectives and perspectives. Really though, it is the smell of the flowers and the lush beauty of the wonders around us that can ground us whilst simultaneously uplifting us above the fog of cloudy visions that would impede progress.

Music has been a staple of mine throughout my life. Music has always dissipated any fog that might seemm to block the view. I can get lost in music it’s like a dream that surrounds me and transports me almost anywhere. As a child in Grenada I would love to go to bed early on a weekend night, not because I wanted to sleep but because I could listen to the music from the parties I would have to stretch my ears to here. The variety of combo bands or steel band practice music was my heaven. Nights with particularly loud music which I know my parents didn’t care for because of the loudness were my favourite nights.

When I came to the USA, right after I got a job a job as a janitor, my first purchase with my new found wealth was a small portable radio which I had taped to my industrial size vacuum cleaner. That radio and I were inseperable, I slept with it under my pillow at night and would stay up to all hours of the night tuning into some new type of music. In Grenada there were only a few am radio stations on island and then one FM radio station we could tune in from Trinidad on weekends sometimes. The variety of music on the radio in the States was amazing to me. I couldn’t get enough and I still can’t.

I DeeJayed for number of years throughout college and beyond because I had a basic knack for reading the mood of the dancers and playing to that mood and I had the music collection to accomodate virtually any genre. Big Band Swing, Rap, Reggae, Country, House you name it I played it and I loved all the music I played.

I’ve never lost my love of music. My favourite music really depends on where I am mentally. Sometimes I like a peaceful spiritual music, sometimes a hard core heavy metal. I do like a lot of guitar music and then the ethereal music that feels almost like church. Music is my transportation for sure. I visit other cultures with the variety of music I listen to; really I visit a lot of different elements of the mind through the music that I am attracted to at the moment.

When I am napping, I can’t listen to classical music because my mind picks out every instrument in the music. I have to listen to a more hypmnotising music to sleep and the music I choose is music that would keep most people awake. I like House Music to sleep to – crazy as that sounds, it is my most meditative state of music.

The title of this post is Sunsets and Music. Sunsets are my other passion. I would probably feel the same about sunrises but they happen too early inthe day for me to join them. Sunsets on the other hand are more like my sunrise. When the sun goes down and the golden hour post sunset has come to an end, I start to really wake up. The beauty of the night, the quiet peacefulness of the stars and night time clouds are a special feeling for me.

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