Poetry Reading -who goes to those sorts of things…??

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  1. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Pleased to meet you Ibdunn. You are welcome to visit my blog when you get the chance. :)

  2. elizabeth forrest says:

    Hi Bonnie

    I walked with Kevin at Pt. Isabel today and she told me about seeing you and your place and your blog. you go girl! Elizabeth from AT

  3. memeethemuse says:

    Hey Bonny,

    Who goes to Poetry Readings, well, honestly I never have. And I acknowledge that I most appreciate the rhyming, sing-song sounding poems that you have held tight to. I started a monthly poetry challenge because poetry is hugely difficult for me. And the rhyming poetry, that’s nearly impossible. I guess I am mostly sticking with prose but the challenge keeps me stretching and learning. Even if no one else participates I certainly have to! LOL.

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