Photo 101: Day Nineteen: Double

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  1. angelaseager says:

    Your images are fabulous! I’m so busy with the art of blogging at the moment, I’m looking forward to reading all my fellow bloggers postings in due course! Have a great day…

  2. ibdunn says:

    I know what you mean. It is pretty overwhelming. Your site looks awesome as does your photography as well!

  3. angelaseager says:

    Thank you for the kind compliment… Nice to meet you!

  4. Maggie C says:

    Before I saw the revised photo, I thought you were mirroring Sky’s silhouette with the silhouette of the rising land mass on the left. Cool pics!

  5. ibdunn says:

    Thank you for your comment :)

  6. lightwalker1 says:

    Nice job. Sky doubled is fantastic. The double plant is amazing. It looks surreal. Thanks you for stopping by and commenting on my double post. I look forward to enjoying more of your posts. In love and light Cheryle

  7. ibdunn says:

    Thank you…

  8. susieshy45 says:

    Hi Bonny,
    Just dropped in to say Hello. Your posts don’t come on my reader any more. So I decided to look for you and find you, I did. hope you are well.

  9. ibdunn says:

    I went to self hosted- bummer the way tags don’t work in the reader now – you can follow my blog and it will come in reader under blogs u follow – I just saw your post on The Angelo Ghio website – i didn’t approve it because it is a website for someone else -glad you’re back to writing again :)

  10. susieshy45 says:

    Oh, the Angelo Ghio website is not yours ? Sorry ! I did a net search for ibdunn, because I had forgotten what your blog was called and reached there. But at least I looked for you.

  11. ibdunn says:

    The Angelo Ghio is mine-but am doing it for someone trying to find his boat … so not mine too .. :)

  12. susieshy45 says:

    Oh, seems like a good story there too ! Well, good luck ! Glad to see you in circulation and up and about.

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