Phenomenal Discovery! -Telepathy plugin for WordPress!

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  1. memeethemuse says:

    Hey Bonny. I had a similiar discover a while back, but for a much different reason. I have yet to figure out the scheduling calendar’s time clock. Thinks don’t publish on the days I want them to and sometimes they don’t publish at all. Or they will publish a day early and I’ll have to unpublish them, change the status, change the time and try it again the next day, etc.

    Now, in regard to your post. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant title for your post. It is so brilliant I want it to see more traffic, to “catch fire” a title like that should, in my opinion. So I tweeted it. Of course, I only have 4 twitter followers so I doubt it’ll catch fire because I tweeted it, however it deserved to be tweeted!

    Thanks for linking to Gunnar’s story. I actually am shocked that it hasn’t received more attention. I figured everyone loves a good dog story and I wanted to reward all of those people who are reading about the dogs needing help and encourage them to continute reading my Seeking Love Saturday posts, so I gave them a happy ending story. Turns out it garnered less reads than the dogs in danger posts do. Still, it’s an amazing, amazing story. Days later, here I am still tearing up over that miracle.

    Anyway, again, fantastic title (I’ve got to work on that for my own) and great photo choice, I love it!


  2. ibdunn says:

    Thanks MeMee. Not sure on the calendar issue. Wondering if anything to do with time zone. I recall having issues with same thing on other websites I’ve worked on. If the telepathy plugin could work for that it sure would be helpful. Then you could set an alarm for yourself and remind yourself to publish when you think of it

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