On the road again

I had big intentions in December to do a road trip to Florida to surprise my parents for Christmas. In the Covid Era of the moment a flying trip for either myself or my sister’s family was out of the question. Things changed quickly when I actually found myself in the process of possibly buying a house. The inspections would have taken place during my road trip so I had to stay home. Things changed directions on that house and then January rolled around and I found myself with still more time off and so why not try again to head to Florida. Well – things changed again suddenly and as I watched the weather forecast it seemed wisest to keep my travels closer to home to I figured I would head to the Salton Sea and who knows where else …. I spent the first night at my good friend’s house Eric & Roz in Merced, Ca. I’m in an RV so in light of the Covid restrictions I stayed in my RV in the drive of course and met with them briefly outside. It was great to see them and for them to finally get to meet the new pup Jazzy.

Some of the sights on the way to Salton Sea

I headed to the Salton Sea – why the Salton Sea? Well in the winter the weather is perfect! It gets up to maybe 70-75 in the day ( a little warm for me) but the evening makes up for that when it generally drops to 40 or 50 degrees. I found out about the Salton Sea last year when I ventured to Joshua Tree National Park. I found Joshua Tree just OK – dogs on leashes and not allowed anywhere besides specific paths. As far as I was concerned what was the point. I stayed in the Joshua Tree Campground for 2 nights last year and again, restrictive -dogs on leash, and then if anyone else in the world is camping -well guess what? You are new best friends whether you like it or not – so much for privacy and solitude. The Salton Sea – I found this cool spot via the i-Overlander app which is an abandoned RV park right on the beach. I don’t stay in the RV park portion – no other RVs tend to show up and park there. I have a great little spot that is just out of the way of everyone else and yet great access to the beach and the views.

Moonrise @ Salton Sea January 1st 2021

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