‘New Views’ for my gal Sky.

I put together a video celebration of our lives together over the last number of years. I was so blessed to have Sky in my life and the situations we dealt with in the last 2 years were never a burden but always opportunities for watching blessings unfold.

She has moved to a new address with ‘New Views’ – – doesn’t mean that she is any less a part of my life or memories she has just moved :)

Here is the Vimeo video in celebration of so many memories we shared together. It is a long video and it is for my memories so I won’t apologise. It covers Sky and Boeing’s time together, Sky and Zulu as a puppy, beach play, toy obsession, some agility, and then the goodbyes. For the most part it is a joyous video. There is a sad area but the end brings it back to the beauty and the joy of sharing a life with loved one. At the very end, about the last minute there is a special celebration with some drone shots of sunsets as I just had to fit all the right music in!! Enjoy if it’s up your alley. I am grateful to have these photos and now this combination of the photos and videos into a video.

If you do watch – use the full screen mode and turn up the volume!! The music does go with the photos and the thoughts. (Available on YouTube as well https://youtu.be/dJhPE4Z80UA)

My Vet asked me to share some thought about the process we used to say good-bye. I have to say it was the most peaceful natural situation that I could have asked for and didn’t even feel like it was anything different than Sky going to sleep as usual.

I asked my vet to meet me in a park so we could be in as natural an environment as possible. I brought her bed and as it worked for me, I had SKy lying in my lap as I have done frequently over the last year with the progression of her situation. Steve, the Veterinarian very discreeetly inserted a small small tube in her rectum and very gradually, essentially overdosed her with some sort of standard medicine. She gradually drifted off to sleep. At no time did she gasp for breath or seem anxious. I witnessed her tongue change colour but it was very gradual. I had hoped it would not come to the need to make this sort of a decision for her. We worked through so much together to make life for all of us as normal and natural. When the unfortunate time came to have to make this decision I have to say that I am so grateful to Steve Egri DVM for being so humane and compassionate and in the methodolgy.

Loving my friend Sky forever as she has joined Boeing in their address change. SOme special pups who have been a wonderful part of my life.

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