My own Boatnical garden requires it’s own level of maintenance

The grass is still green for now. Those days are numbered with the rains fading off to nothing. The drip system I put in last year ensures the flowers will continue blooming and I have to say I feel blessed to have my own private botanical garden left for me by previous owners. A half acre of land is nothing to laugh at when it comes to weed control and foxtail abatement. The satisfaction of seeing the weeds cut back is a good sense of accomplishment. Tomorrow between other chores I need to rake up the dead stuff so any further moisture and sun can try and keep the real grass green for as long as possible. Last year I added four areas of fake grass. One larger flat area where the fogs like to hang out in the morning. An area of grass under the hammock and then under the picnic bench and lastly in front of the garden shed. These patches have wound up fitting in great and give the dogs a place to hang out in the differnt levels of sun of the day. The grass under the picnic bench was the only way I could keep the dogs from digging there!!

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