My introduction to John Lennon & The Beatles

I was in Grenada when the Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club movie was released in 1978. The summer of 1978 whilst visiting the states my sister and I got to go to the movie with my mom. I remember really enjoying it. Great music and fun. I have no recollection of the story only of loving the music and the movie.

Back in Grenada it had also become a very popular movie and one of the guys at the school even owned the record which came with a huge fold out poster inside of the album of the Bee Gees. At that time in my life I had absolutely no knowldege of the Beatles or that the Bee Gees were simply playing covers of the Beatles songs.

In 1979 my mother and us kids moved to the USA to avoid the political unrest in Grenada. I worked after school and had saved up to buy my own radio which I would secretely listen to every night under my pillow. I wasn’t allowed to have a radio but this radio meant everything to me. Hours and hours of entertainment overnight as I would be whisked into the world of so many options and varieties of musc.

I was listening the night John Lennon was shot. The DJs interrupted the music to give the listeners the tragic news. I had no idea who the Beatles were or who John Lennon was. All the music in this country was so new to me at the time I had a true smorgesboard of new music to take in. That night of John Lennon’s tragic death was the night I learned who the Beatles and John Lennon were. I think I became hooked on discovering all the music of the band the beatles and then the individual artists after that terrible way to be introduced to the Beatles.

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