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Another day when I can say music once again makes the grade and makes the day. Music is such a powerful healer and comforter. It helps me work, helps me change moods, helps me wake up, helps me stay awake on a drive it’s just got such power. I have several posts here already about my love for music and I’m sure there will be more in the future. Music really is the essence of my mood at any moment and can lift my spirit.

Most of my friends have a favourite artist or a favourite type of music. I love so many types of music I can’t even fathom being limited to one genre. Between YouTube Music and Spotify and MixCloud – well I have my ears full.

The last couple of weeks whilst reading and studying I’ve gone back to classical and I can instantly get in the zone to read. I’d prefer to be able to read in silence, but when there is other activity around that I need to block out the classical has been perfect. I have 2 playlists on spotify that are my reading playlists. They are both classical music – this one is the longer of the 2 playlists.

I have another playlist that is over 25 hours long that I call the ‘everything playlist’ it’s got the sort of music that I think most people can relate to. Some of the music I like is too much for most people so my ‘Everything Playlist’ bridges the divide. I like all the music on it but there are a lot more the classics on it than I listen to these days. Great music of all genres from the 50s. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today but all of a feel that can meet any mood and change mood quickly.. I enjoy listening to it on shuffle just because I’m always surprised at some of the music I haven’t heard in a while.

Then I have my playlist for sleeping which is one that would keep most people awake but for me it’s like hypnosis or something. Starts out slower bpm and gradually increases but stays at a chill level for me overall. I drift off to all sorts of meditations on this playlist. It’s always evolving because sometimes a certain piece of music doesn’t fit all of a sudden.

Then I have the music I like to play when I am working on projects. Usually this would come from Mixcloud. Unfortunately, Soonie, one of my favourite DJs is mostly a subscription only DJ. He’s the only one I actually pay for a subscription to Mixcloud.

I do like some of Mouse The Fox’s mixes too for working like this one below.

Then I have the Rock playlist -mostly instrumental and guitar.

Finally, a couple of amazing artists, Shahin and Sepehr playing Wild World -anothert favourite of mine worthy of any of my many playlists!

One of my earlier music posts below…..

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