Headed South..

I’m not good at schedules besides that of holding my job and keeping appointments that might be scheduled.

In my off time, I don’t want time schedules. I’m headed to Southern California this trip. No definite plans but trying to get in a couple of family visits.

Driving in traffic is monotonous and there is nothing particularly intriguing in the scenery. The time is going slow at the moment.

Gas Buddy, the app, is my resource for gas prices and it brought me to Tulare for a decent gas price. Nearby is a sports complex so it’s made a good rest stop for the pooches and myself.

I spent last night in Merced, dropping off some tools and books for a good friend and it made a good starting point for the rest of my trip.

As usual, I have no specific plans after family just the one day at a time mantra and living in the now!!

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  1. Merrilyn Shoemaker says:

    Love the dog picture with both dogs in it. Sky in the foreground is interesting and unusual.

    Love doing the “no specific plans” and seeing what fun surprises the day holds, too. But it usually only happens when I’m traveling. Too many projects (both the shoulds and the want tos) at home. Glad you get to do that and share it with your family – Sky and Zulu.

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