I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t find a way to be grateful for something. I mean to actually mentally think grateful thoughts. Certainly when mistakes are made or unfortunate things happen it’s tempting to get upset and provoked. I’ve learned that if I step back mentally and take that extra minute there is always something I can be grateful for.

I’m reminded of this again tonight. I like to sit in my hot tub at night frequently without turning on any jets. I love to listen to the sounds of nature around me.

Tonight the moon is almost full. It lights up the sky with a beautiful aura. I hear a few frogs in the background. Then there are the seals that seemed so loud when I first moved in here but now they are welcome background symphony. Crickets chirp. The rhythmic sound of the waves crashing ashore completes the ambiance.

I watch the moon change positions as it gradually crosses around the tree branches. Sunday is an eclipse of the moon… I’ll be watching.

A grateful heart a garden is,
whree there is always room
for every lovely God-like grace
to come to perfect bloom.
A grateful heart a fortress is,
A staunch and rugged tower,
Where God’s omnipotence, revealed,
girds man with mighty power.
A grateful heart a temple is,
a shrine so pure and white,
where angels of His presence keep
calm watch by day or night.
Grant then, dear Father-Mother, God,
whaterver else befall,
this largess of a grateful heart
that loves and blesses all.

Artist: Susan Mack and Ellen Hanna

Album: His Tender Love and Watchful Care

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