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logo2I admit it.  I am not a big sports fan by any means except for maybe the real football otherwise known as soccer in this country.  I don’t stay up on soccer/football anymore except as the World Cup gets close etc. but I’m not here to talk about football but rather basketball!

The main thing I like about basketball is the speed of the game.  Things can change in an instant and scoring seems so effortless for so many of the players and especially Mr. MVP himself, Steph Curry.

Tonight the the Warriors managed to outplay the Memphis Grizzlies and set themselves up to advance yet again to face an opponent yet to be determined.  You can easily find out all the highlights from anywhere online but the highlight to me is the sportsmanship shown by both teams before they left the court.

Both teams displayed true respect and admiration for one another.  The Grizzlies gave the Warriors a run for their money from game one.  At the end of the day the real winners were both teams by virtue of their ability to exhibit grace and strength and show the world that in spite of winning or losing they are all great athletes and gentlemen.   The Grizzlies didn’t rush off with their heads down; they stuck around and embraced their opponents.   More than that, stopped and had conversations.

This is sportsmanship at its finest.  The Warriors are a team to be proud of and I am proud of them.  I haven’t heard of any scandals following them around as there have been in other sports.  When I have watched the Warriors play I’ve watched a team that plays like a team and is a humble team.  Steph Curry is the MVP because of his outstanding ability to take those incredibly difficult shots which appear so easy for him.  The Warriors, as a team, deserves the same MVP award in my book.  They are all so very talented and make it obvious that is the teamwork that makes them all valuable and obviously the attitude starts at the top and Steve Kerr, their coach seems to lead by a great example.

Well done Warriors and keep up the good work!


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