Dream Audience-It’s all about YOU (and me)…US

One of my passions in life is music.  I have spent a number of years as a Mobile DJ.  Not a full-time job but a hobby of passion.  My motto/tag-line as a DJ was, ‘It’s all about You!’.  When you DJ you don’t play to please yourself, but rather, to please your audience.

This blogging 101 assignment was to write for your ‘dream reader’.  Of course the first step is to identify that dream reader!  The ‘audience’.  I over-analysed the assignment.  My dream reader at this point, as I am still learning to blog, includes YOU the reader and ME the writer, therefore, US.

YOU are the person who sticks around to read and hopefully through comments helps me hone in a true ‘target dream audience’ and other blogging skills.  I realise that I am a part of the ‘audience’ since my words need to represent me.

In the last assignment I gleaned a sense of the direction I would like this blog to take.  That direction includes serving as a reminder of my blessings and chronicling my growth and joy.

So now a moment to acknowledge some recent joy in my life!

Music is such a sense of joy for me.  For the last 2 years or so I have been unable to DJ due to a disability from which I am recovering.  Living on a boat requires space-consciousness, as such, there is really no room for my massive Vinyl and CD collection.  A sense of depression had kind of set in without me realising it until about a month ago when I rediscovered Spotify!

Spotify was offering, 3 months for the price of one, and now I can’t get enough.  I am discovering so much new music and rediscovering music lost track of.   I love seeing what the people I follow are playing in Spotify as a source for discovering new music.

Tonight as I write I have been listening to my Electro-swing playlist.

Good night US!!!

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  1. memeethemuse says:

    Bonny, Always include yourself as part of the audience. If you don’t write things that engage you and make you happy, it won’t engage others either 🙂 My blog, if you’ve looked at much of it is very much simply me writing for myself, off the cuff, and I find it delightfully engaging. I don’t have as many followers as you and I have to be satisfied with that, because ultimately I am the one who puts the work in so I better like what I do, right!?

    And regarding your abouting! page… loved that title. And I do the same thing, some things I have visible only on the about page because I want to minimalize as much as possible. And as I find myself travelling through this journey I am already realizing I have a lot more to do… but you know that because you read my whole ding-dang superlong post about how far behind I am dropping in Blogging201! Thank you for that 🙂

    To me that was an example of how writing for someone else is less interesting than writing for yourself. It was a huge drain on my energy. As I said at the very end, the beginning, which had nothing to do with the assignment was the best part. I hope you’ll return again and find more fun things on my blog. Keep up the joy and the boating and the airplane tooling… it sounds like you’ve got a well rounded life!

    ☀ Memee

  2. ibdunn says:

    Thank you very much Memee for your very helpful comments. It’s funny, I’ve been working on others’ websites for a while and putting in the text and graphics etc to get the job done and try to express their brand and info, but I haven’t written for myself. That’s what I am discovering in doing this class. I enjoy writing and if others are interested great-if not no big deal. I would like to write in a way that is coherent and engaging for others because in the end it will be the same for me. Your blog is ‘delightfully engaging’ – I really love the way you have titled your page and the way your theme and writing flows together. Of course it helps that there are dogs included. Thank you for your insight – Bonny

  3. memeethemuse says:

    Alrighty then, I’ll keep the dogs! Thank you dear, I think this is going to be the beginning of a delightful blogship! Thanks for the giggle 🙂

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