Day 6 Cape Blanco Roadtrip (May 1st, 2022)

All good thigs come to an end they say. Today has been the last day as a full day at camp. I leave tomorrow but don’t check out til I have to which will be around 1pm. Life is an adventure so though my Cape Blanco trip is coming to an end that doesn’;t mean tyhe adventure is. Live in the now is my motto. I try to be as well-prepared as I can for tomorrow but i try to focus on today.

Today’s adventure was all about enjoying a day of beautiful sunshine all day for a change. Somehow I still love it here even when it is raining but sunshine is a nice change. Port Orford is a place the pups and I both love. The dogs love the beach time and I love it too as well as an opportunity to fly the drone.

The evening was the highlight for sure. We spent the evening with friends. Beth, Lech and Logan were our hosts for a great dinner and doggy play time. the perfect weather of the day held out for a great evening around the camp fire and some fun time watching Jazzy and Logan interact. I am so gladf they hit it off so well. Zulu was content to be loved on by Beth and Lech and myself in spite of not being in the age range of Jazzy and Logan for the more intense play.

Day 6 video with some drone footage of Port Orford

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