Day 5 Cape Blanco Road Trip – Jazzy meets Logan (April 30th)

A little over 2 years ago during one of my Cape Blanco trips Zulu, Sky and I met a dog in the herding family, an English Shepherd. I’d never heard of the breee but when I saw the dog it looked like an Australian Shepherd with a tail and the dameanor of the dog we met was really perfect. The dog’s name was Logan and in conversation with the owners I knew that by next dog would be an English Shepherd. Beth and Lech, Logan’s owners were very informative about the breed and after I got Jazzy (see my post from the re-homing mission to Canada to get jazzy @ the beginning of Covid lockdown) we kept making plans to meet up @ Blanco again but with the Covid lockdown all that had to get postponed till now!

Today was the day we finally got to introduce our dogs and wow!! Jazzy and Logan were in heaven playing with each other. Zulu wanted to join in but just not quite the same when you’re an old man (Zulu about 12 years old now). Jazzy and Logan both around 2 or 3 years old. below is a quick video of Zulu and Logan playing together in 2019.

It wasa pretty cool day. Jazzy Zulu and I spent time at Port Orford witha little drone flying time and beach time then in the evening we met up with Beth and Lech and Logan again where jazzy and Logan really had a blast. I joined Beth and Lech for dinner in their Rv and Logan was so good at the table. he lay there with his head just kind of on the table but not making a move towards the food at all. (I had taken my dogs back to my RV so they weren’t a dinner problem)

The first video below is from 2019 when Zulu and I first met Logan. At the bottom of the page is Jazzy and Logan.

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