Day 4 Cape Blanco Roadtrip April 29th

Today was a great day to just take it easy. i think one of the things I am focusing on on this trip is trying to get proper sleep. At work I tend to be on 15 hour shifts for 5 days then off for 9 days. It’s an awesome schedule with great time off but not real conducive to great sleeping patterns. When I do my RV roadtrips i make it a point to not start driving until I am ready to be on the road. genberally this means I don’t get an early start and I am not interested in getting an early start!! I am interested in living by ‘my schedule’ which is defined by when I feel tired enough to go to bed and rested enough to get up.

I slept in today! It was nice. Then the pups and I made our way down to the beach at Cape Blanco. This beach never gets much activity and is a great spot for dogs to focus on being dogs. They had some good runs on the beach.

I ended the day with a trip to the local bar/restaurant Salty Dawg. It’s a local spot that serves up some excellent food. I enjoyed a huge salad that was quite tasty!

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