Coup d’état -School Cancelled (13Mar, 1979) – Grenada, W.I.

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  1. susieshy45 says:

    Never knew of this history of Grenada. Thank you for increasing my knowledge by sharing.

  2. Merrilyn Shoemaker says:

    Wow! Did you have to sneak out of the country or were the people kind to your family? What did your dad do? Perhaps I’m asking too many questions but…quite an experience!

    I must have met you the school year after this because I graduated in 1980. Man, Bonny. What a potentially traumatic situation to be in and then transfer to USA and start school. I’ve been really impressed with these blogs. You seem to always be focused on adding knowledge or insight or an angle on love. No moaning or groaning in your messages that I’ve seen so far. Thanks for sharing!

    By the way, I can’t find the blog that describes your work so I’ll write here. The statement that the job had made you more humble really has had me thinking this week. I believe I lost a job (back when) because of self-righteousness. Now, I have to admit I was working my way out of that contract work but hadn’t expected to not be called back. I don’t think leaving on an off note is ever a good idea but lack of humility will do that. So what I’ve been thinking about is “What is humility?” I mean in my day to day experience. Had a very relaxed but businesslike 19 year old look at one of my big lawns to give me an estimate. He was really good at listening even though he was the “expert.” When I got done, he told me how he mowed the edges and the results and asked if that would be ok. Wow! Listening and patience are good starting points. What did you mean when you said your job made you humble? I imagined it was “You do what you gotta do to get what needs to be done, done.”

  3. ibdunn says:

    The coupe happened in March -we left in June. My mom and us kids. I remember my mom asking me if I still wanted to go to Prin. My reply was – you’re asking me if I want to leave Grenada! The answer is NO! “Course not much choice in that. We moved to Wichita where her brother was living for the summer and then we moved to St. Louis where my sister and brother and I started at the Upper School in Sept of ’79. The most traumatic part of it was not the coupe or even the move but it was super hard being a freshman in such private school where every word I said was replied to with ‘what?’ because of my accent. No uniforms and classes that were easy in comparison and students that didn’t seem to care about learning. I graduated in ’83. I don’t remermber if we met when I was in high school or not – I am pretty sure we got to know eaach other during your sr year @ prin but maybe iy was during my return to college. I went back to school in 1990 I think it was and your dad and i were friends via the physics department and the solar car !! He and I were loosely involved in the solar car project as I recall.

  4. ibdunn says:

    My work is aircraft mechanic – in aviation section.

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