Clones have rights too!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clone Wars.”
If you could clone yourself,  how would you split up your responsibilities?

How would I split them up?  Really -the question is how to get out of being a clone and have some rights!!

As Bonny’s clone I am seriously hoping that this forum will find other clones in a similar dilemma as myself.  I am tasked with doing all the things Bonny doesn’t want to do.  When there is a wedding I have to go and make the appearance and as Bonny’s clone I can tell you I don’t like weddings or clonesfunerals any more than she does so why am I stuck doing these obligatory appearances.  Parties, crowds aren’t my thing either but guess what? Clones have no rights and I for one would like to stand up and be acknowledged as a real person and not a clone.  The problem is clones are without rights at all because everyone assumes they are talking with the real Bonny.  I want to shout out and tell them it’s all essentially just a joke and Bonny would never go out to a ballgame or a people infested event.

The thing is all of you know this!  You act surprised to see me so you know I shouldn’t be here in the middle of your crowd so certainly you wouldn’t miss me if I didn’t come.  How many years has the real Bonny avoided the family gatherings but I dread that I will be expected to go at the next planned event simply to make Bonny look good.

I know my words are in vain but if there is some other clone stuck with writing this task maybe we can band together and somehow be recognised as more than clones!  Maybe we can become the original and switch places!!

Clones have rights too!!


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  1. susieshy45 says:

    From what you write, clones are fighting for their rights and their freedom. Let them have a freedom struggle to add to the very many in today’s world.
    And again, do you think clones have souls ? Will they go to heaven ?

  2. ibdunn says:

    I don’t think you can clone a soul but that doesn’t mean a clone is without a soul but rather cloning can only go so far and then there is the soul which is. As far as heaven – why not ..?

  3. susieshy45 says:

    Like your imagination- great thinking.

  4. Nice spin on the prompt! I guess I didn’t even consider that clones would have any emotions or reactions, rather I picture them as robotic.

  5. ibdunn says:

    Thanks – I was writing in a whole different direction first about having my clone do all the things I don’t like to do but then I thought if the clone is really a clone it would have my mind too and not like any of the things any more than I do …LOL

  6. Your post got me thinking. Without a birth certificate, Social Security number and all the other documents a clone would be an undocumented alien. That has far reaching implications, in a nation where corporations have rights, I wonder how we would get around to handling clones and can only begin to imagine some of the debates that would come about.

  7. ibdunn says:

    Well undocumented yes-alien -hmm. But if a clone is sharing my identity I suppose my documents just as good unless in use at the same time. Then there is the census -how would clones count for census taking -they would be breathing and I eating and using resources -would there be a clone tax – maybe a tax credit like for kids …. a large range of possibilities and implications…

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