Food for the soul

Iceland, so many thoughts and experiences wrapped up in a short 8 days. A land that on one hand seems barren and like another planet carries with it the awe of the wonders of nature and the potential for life after what seems unthinkable in the volcanic activity. Iceland hosts 30 active volcanic systems. Black sand beaches are some of the tourist attractions in this country. Really, I wonder, are there any white-sand beaches in Iceland? The roads, the ground, the beaches -seems all comprised of this black molten material. The after-effects of the volcanic activity comprise the countryside. How can such devastation result in such beauty? It’s a different beauty, a beauty that you see and feel at once and is awe-inspiring in so many ways. There are waterfalls and rivers everywhere. An abundance of the most delicious water is available at every tap. There is a green moss that covers the ground. When you walk on it it has a spongy feel and seems to bounce right back. (I’m not saying this would be true if there were tourists walking all over it). I sought out areas where I could explore without the throngs of tourists. I did visit a number of the tourist areas which were beyond spectacular but the real enjoyment was from experiencing nature on a hike with no one in sight. Climbing to the top of a hill and seeing this green moss or listening for the running water and trying to get to the source of the flow and see the waterfalls all over the place. There is a certain magic to this country. The wonders of nature, of God, of trolls, or magic whatever you believe. Maybe a combination of all of the above. The timing of this trip was perfect and...


Osprey Photos from June 2022 @ PSPHarbor

For more lots of osprey photos, some wildlife and the sunsets, in higher resolution visit my portfolio website @ and HEREFollow me on instagram or check out my youtube channel


Lunar Eclipse tonight!

It was fun to watch the lunar eclipse tonight. I managed to put together a short video of the reappearnace of the moon. open the post to watch the video.


A new year – I better start writing again

Here we are with a new canvas in front of us. A new year has dawned and so many people I know are just so grateful 2020 is over! Everyday is a new day – just because the numeric number of the year changes it’s really more important to live your life for each new moment. Every moment is a gift and every day is a gift. A gift for each of us and a gift we can give others. Let your presence be a gift to others this year and take each moment in life as the gift it is to you! Let’s all be grateful for the good that we can find in each moment and day and each new year is that cumulative wealth of moments shared. Keep your head up and stay above the clouds that might try to bring you down!!


Why a BLM over a regular camp ground

If you don’t feel like reading, this post is summarised by the 20 sec video at the end. A picture speaks a thousand words a 20 sec video says even more in this case! I spent the last three nights staying in Joshua Tree park at the Indian Cove campground for $20/night. I was fortunate enough to be able to chose my campsite in person versus reserving the unseen online. I don’t know if all the National Parks are arranged like this but basically the plan is to pack you all in as close to your neighbour as possible. I don’t know about you but after paying $30 entrance fee to the park and then $20/night for a camping spot that sports the amenities of a fire ring and a picnic table – no electricity or showers and imaginary privacy well I have to wonder if this actually makes sense. I only had neighbours one night and they seemed like nice enough people but I couldn’t relax outside and enjoy the stars and silence because their party included music and loud talking till late into the night. It was a beautiful park don’t get me wrong, but I guess when I’m paying for a campsite I’d like a better sense of privacy so I can enjoy nature and the experience. The main benefit to a campground over the BLM land is the ability to leave a table and chair out and have a decent sense that it will be there when you return. It is the ability to have a space to call your own for as long as you have the campground reserved. That’s the only real benefit though unless the campground offers showers and electricity too. The BLM style of camping is open space camping. The freedom to...


A Foggy outlook doesn’t have to be foggy…

A fog over the marina is what I awakened to a couple of mornings ago. I waited a bit till I could see the sun starting to show it’s rays then it was time to launch my drone and watch the foggy view roll away from above. The video ends with a rather unique shot – it is actually a 360 view of the marina which you can see better from the image below.


A slideshow of some of my favourite recent pictures

A love of sunsets, my pups & my marina home is the essential subject of this video slideshow. The first dog silhouette is of Boeing, my Australian Shepherd who passed away a few years ago.  An array of marina photos and sunsets follows.  The one bridge pictured within is the Richmond San Rafael bridge with Mt Tamalpais in the background.  The bridge is not visible from the harbour but a great sunset just the same. The last two dog-sunset-sihouettes are of my current family members, Zulu (a 4yo catahoula) and then Sky (a 6yo Australian shepherd). The slideshow ends with a couple of stunning moonrises! The background music is “Oh! Mio Babbino Caro” sung by Gianni Schicchi.  I’m not really an opera music listener but this piece of music inspired me to get the photos together and there is always the option to turn your sound off if the music doesn’t suit you. Overall the slideshow is for me to remember special moments and images from the last several months and if they suit your taste you will enjoy as well.


Breathless Moments

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” ― Maya Angelou What a saying and how true.  The breaths that take our breath away are those individually special moments.  For me it is things like sunsets and the way the same scenery can look so different each day as the sun sets and illuminates the surroundings with that very special sunset light.


Photo 101: Wrap-up

Photo 101 has been a fun and good outlet for creativity this last month.  Here is my wrap up post with some of my favourite images.


Photo 101: Day 20: Triumph

The theme for the final day of Photo 101 is Triumph. The sculpture I have chosen to share looks to me like someone triumphant. The pictures are a few years old and taken in the the Albany Bulb.  the artist for this sculpture was Osha Neumann, a sculptor and activist lawyer