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Love that knows no bounds

caring for a dog with degenerative Myelopathy Sky is my 10yo Australian Shepherd who was diagnosed with a degenerative condition referred to as Degenerative Myelopathy – this is essentially. I have learned to adapt to her situation. Initially it involved me building larger steps so she could manage getting up stairs on her own, harnesses, wheelchairs etc … I’ll try and document some of the stuff I have done to adapt in this website so as to help others who might be going through similar situations. Sky has taught me that we are all adaptable. I have learned so much from Sky and her amazing attitude. She is patient, loving and just a joy to be around and I am so grateful to have her as a part of my life. In spite of the way the disease has tried to take away her abilities she remains able to control her bladder just fine. I have also learned to listen to her and really be in tune with her. I generally am able to anticipate what she needs based on time and attitude. This is hard to explain but we have become very in tune with one another over the years and even more especially now.


Headed South..

I’m not good at schedules besides that of holding my job and keeping appointments that might be scheduled. In my off time, I don’t want time schedules. I’m headed to Southern California this trip. No definite plans but trying to get in a couple of family visits. Driving in traffic is monotonous and there is nothing particularly intriguing in the scenery. The time is going slow at the moment. Gas Buddy, the app, is my resource for gas prices and it brought me to Tulare for a decent gas price. Nearby is a sports complex so it’s made a good rest stop for the pooches and myself. I spent last night in Merced, dropping off some tools and books for a good friend and it made a good starting point for the rest of my trip. As usual, I have no specific plans after family just the one day at a time mantra and living in the now!!


My dog inspired me to buy an RV!!

My dogs are an integral part of my family and when one of my dogs, Sky, developed a debilitating disease referred to as degenerative mylopathy I had learn to be creative to continue care for her. When the disease reached the point where she could no longer stand or walk on her own her fear of being separated from me was evidenced in perpetual heart-wrenching cries. I could tell these weren’t cries of pain but initially I really had no idea what the solution could be. It finally dawned on me that she needed to be with me as much as possible. When the dogs were younger and I was working the overnight shift I used to bring them to work with me in the back of my covered pickup truck which I had decked out to be a luxurious dog apartment. This solution was fine for the overnight shift since our overnight temperature in the SFBay area averages 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ve been working the second shift for the past several years and the weather can get pretty warm in the summer so not suitable in the back of a pickup. As soon as I started bringing the dogs to work with me in the back of the truck in Sky’s semi-incapacitated state everything just started to work out terrifically. I rigged up a camera in the back of the truck so I could check on her status at any given time. Both dogs were quite at home in the truck because it was familiar. Sky had no separation issues now that she knew I was close by. The only thing is, as cool as the Bay Area stays for the most part it is not cool enough to use this solution on a long term basis. I needed...



I haven’t written in my blog for quite some time but I think it is time to talk about the recent journeys involving Sky but to do that I need to document a bit of her past! I adopted Sky from the Milo foundation in December of 2009 as a companion to my beloved Boeing who was about 14 years old at the time. Sky was the perfect addition to our home! She was timid so not an ‘alpha dog’. Sky was only a year old when I adopted her but had been through a lot before coming into our home. She was a puppy mill dog and had already had a litter of puppies. Sky was shy beyond belief but Boeing seemed to welcome her and Sky seemed to appreciate Boeing’s mentor-ship. Our cat Milo (no relation to the rescue place Sky came from) adapted to Sky as well! Boeing unfortunately sustained a serious injury about 6 months after Sky came into our life and I wound up buying a cart to transport Boeing in and Sky though really just a puppy do to her age was just a super support to Boeing and I as we journeyed through Boeing’s old age and eventual transition onward.