Carmel Vacation, The Birthday Party (night 2)

hdr_00003_1After our great dinner at Forge in the Forest and a quick walk on themastiff_cake beach to enjoy the sunset we headed over to the Cypress Inn.  Cypress Inn is known for their Dog Friendliness!  They did not disappoint.  There was a dog that
had just turned 3 that was fortunate enough to have his birthday party at the Cypress!  Just take a look at his birthday cake.
There was a great music for most of the evening provided by Lee Durley & Joe Indence. The music was a jazzy laid back style and very relaxing and enjoyable. Cypress_Thurs_2015-11-05-19.21
We went back to the hotel and checked into a new room (number 22) for the night.  I had observed that the cottage across from the one I stayed in the first night had a really cool little patio that backed up to empty land and woods.  This is the best little cottage.  Love the patio and the amenities!


2015-11-06 13.14.23

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