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A little project turned big

I suppose when you buy a house a little remodelling is to be expected. I knew going into buying the place that I would need to deal with a sill beam/plate replacement. A few friends in the area described the project as ‘no big deal’ and encouraged me to go ahead and tackle the project. The process started with digging out the garden that was causing the rot problem in the first place. the bottom of the post has a time lapse of the last several days of demo work :) Here’s a quick recap of this last week of siding removal


CCC – Conscious Constant Capacity for good!

Today I’ve been just thinking about the idea of expecting and experiencing good in everything I think and do. I can’t say anything special happened today but I have to say it’s yet another day when I love life and am grateful for all the good around me and I see in various experiences. I make it a point to find good in every experience that transpires even the terrible ones. I find that even in bad experiences I can grow and learn. Conscious means I am thinking about something and being aware. Constant means no room to think less than good thoughts. Capacity is the amount I am willing to experience and by conscious and constant the capacity is umlimited and therefore so is the good I can find and experience. One day at a time and the moments mean something and are not worth wasting on less than expecting and being receptive to the good which can be found all around us. Short thought but that’s the gist of it. Conscious Constant Capacity for good!!


Tijuana!! Dental Trip

Last year I had the pleasant news from my local California dentist that a tooth of mine needed to be removed. Of course this is a specialised procedure which means you have to first get a $300 scan to prove you need the procedure then the pleasant news that one tooth will cost the equivalent of a used car. The figure quoted me was $7000 for extraction, post implant, and then crown. This figure was startling to say the least and my dental insurance is a joke only covering $1500/yr. I remembered that a friend of mine had travelled to Tijuana to get his dental work handled so I reached out to him for advice and to get a sense of his experience.  He had nothing but good things to say and his experience was far enough in the past to be a reliable source I felt.  This was last August when I decided I would follow through with Tijuana.  I have to say my first trip there I was a little apprehensive.  I reached out to a couple of other dental clinics besides the one my friend recommended.  Their explanations and time frames were not as comforting and didn’t feel as though they would be as thorough.  The clinic I chose based on my friend’s experience was Washington Dental Clinic.  They had no problem answering all my questions on the phone before that first visit. One of the things I liked about them was their time frame.  They refused to rush.  The first part of the process was the extraction and bone graft.  They said they required you to wait a minimum of 6 months before proceeding with the implant.  A number of places even in America like to do the extraction and implant all at once.  This clinic...

closeup photography of adult short coated tan and white dog sleeping on gray textile at daytime 0

Back to the subject of sleep

Earlier posts I have mentioned trying to gert rid of ambien and red bull. I’ve done pretty good with cutting back on Ambien. If I am desperate I might take a 1/4 of an ambien so about 2.5 mg. Sometimes I do have to up the dosage but I just uyse it to fall asleep if I just can’t seem to dose off. My ailment? Life! Nothing wrong just seems like such a waste to go to bed and waste time with eyes closed when there is so many things to enjoy and do whilst awake. I hate wasting time and that’s all sleep seems like to me is a total waste of time. I guess if I valued it I might get some but I have come to realise I don’t have to march to everyone else’s drum on this topic. I get it, to be healthy you are suppposed to to get 8 hours of sleep, you are supoosed to sleep at night because of body natural rhythmns, you are supposed to do a lot of things and they don’t all fit for everyone is my conclusion. I frequently stay up 24 hours and then when I do go to bed I am tired. Iam not exhausted just tired enough to sleep more naturally. Sometimes in the middle of the day I am tired. Well then I take a nap (3-4 hours worth). This doesn’t happen often but mostly I am realising it happens when I have supposedly had a good nights rest. The thing is those naps, when I am going to bed because I am really tired I sleep naturally and deeply. Last night I was in bed by 2am I think. I woke up at 8:30 which is a whole lot of sleep for me...


Reading and remembering

Seems like every day I am finding more interesting material to read from a wide variety of authors. I’m not real big on fiction. I like to be educated or gain awareness of new topics in the process of reading but that can be a lot of information to take in and absorb at a time. I have been trying to find ways to keep material that I am reading fresh in mind and absorb more info. Reading multiple books at a time makes it a bit of a challenge to track sources mentally. The electronic age to the rescue! As much as I like the feel of a paperback book in my hand (much preferred over hardback) I have really developed a real love for the Kindle Oasis as a means of carrying books with me to be able to read at any time. I also like the Kindle desktop application for it’s ease in highlighting and reviewing notes quickly. The best means of remembering is daily looking over notes or highlights but that is just not realistic in today’s world. Enter ‘Readwise’. If you should do any search on the internet for Readwise and you will find multiple reviews as to the value of this amazing system. It’s a subscription service but the value for your money is amazing in terms of keeping you freshly reminded of notes. You sync Readwise with Kindle and with other apps that you may like such as Instapaper, Evernote or Notion and all your notes can become one document for any given book. The big service provided by Readwise is a daily email of 15 random highlights. Very easy to read through and review and you can opt to continue reading more highlights beyond the 15. I really look forward to my...


Music – always an answer!

Another day when I can say music once again makes the grade and makes the day. Music is such a powerful healer and comforter. It helps me work, helps me change moods, helps me wake up, helps me stay awake on a drive it’s just got such power. I have several posts here already about my love for music and I’m sure there will be more in the future. Music really is the essence of my mood at any moment and can lift my spirit. Most of my friends have a favourite artist or a favourite type of music. I love so many types of music I can’t even fathom being limited to one genre. Between YouTube Music and Spotify and MixCloud – well I have my ears full. The last couple of weeks whilst reading and studying I’ve gone back to classical and I can instantly get in the zone to read. I’d prefer to be able to read in silence, but when there is other activity around that I need to block out the classical has been perfect. I have 2 playlists on spotify that are my reading playlists. They are both classical music – this one is the longer of the 2 playlists. I have another playlist that is over 25 hours long that I call the ‘everything playlist’ it’s got the sort of music that I think most people can relate to. Some of the music I like is too much for most people so my ‘Everything Playlist’ bridges the divide. I like all the music on it but there are a lot more the classics on it than I listen to these days. Great music of all genres from the 50s. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today but all of a feel that can meet...


Gratitude for the Dog-Sitters

It’s always hard to go out of town without the pups and this time around it’s turned out to be an extended time away. I have 2 friends who have been really helping me out with the dogs and making it so much easier for me to be where I need to be, helping the parents out at a time of need. Jason and Chris have really come to the rescue for me. Chris was available at the drop of a hat on a very last minute scenario and Jaason, well Jason actually called me before I knew I was going to need to go out of town to let me know he was available and the dates. I wrote the info in my calendar when he called but I hadn’t anticipated needing his kind services. As it turns out my trip was rather last minute and after a quick walk-around of the property Chris and his dog Chance agreed to take the first stint of my time away. Then Jason came for a few days and will be returning again before I come home. One of the things that makes my time away a little more bearable is the ability to be able to look in from time to time and see the pups chilling or playing in the back yard. Here are a couple of clips of their fun times. Chance is the big white dog that belongs to Chris – he seems quite happy to be a part of the pack during my time away. Thanks Jason and Chris for coming to the rescue. I know the pups are just as grateful as I am!!


My introduction to John Lennon & The Beatles

I was in Grenada when the Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club movie was released in 1978. The summer of 1978 whilst visiting the states my sister and I got to go to the movie with my mom. I remember really enjoying it. Great music and fun. I have no recollection of the story only of loving the music and the movie. Back in Grenada it had also become a very popular movie and one of the guys at the school even owned the record which came with a huge fold out poster inside of the album of the Bee Gees. At that time in my life I had absolutely no knowldege of the Beatles or that the Bee Gees were simply playing covers of the Beatles songs. In 1979 my mother and us kids moved to the USA to avoid the political unrest in Grenada. I worked after school and had saved up to buy my own radio which I would secretely listen to every night under my pillow. I wasn’t allowed to have a radio but this radio meant everything to me. Hours and hours of entertainment overnight as I would be whisked into the world of so many options and varieties of musc. I was listening the night John Lennon was shot. The DJs interrupted the music to give the listeners the tragic news. I had no idea who the Beatles were or who John Lennon was. All the music in this country was so new to me at the time I had a true smorgesboard of new music to take in. That night of John Lennon’s tragic death was the night I learned who the Beatles and John Lennon were. I think I became hooked on discovering all the music of the band the beatles and then...


Osprey Photos from June 2022 @ PSPHarbor

For more lots of osprey photos, some wildlife and the sunsets, in higher resolution visit my portfolio website @ and HEREFollow me on instagram or check out my youtube channel


Sunsets and music

I’ve found life has a way of making us stop and smell the roses or get pricked by their thorns. Sometimes the thorn prick is the wakeup call needed to reevaluate objectives and perspectives. Really though, it is the smell of the flowers and the lush beauty of the wonders around us that can ground us whilst simultaneously uplifting us above the fog of cloudy visions that would impede progress. Music has been a staple of mine throughout my life. Music has always dissipated any fog that might seemm to block the view. I can get lost in music it’s like a dream that surrounds me and transports me almost anywhere. As a child in Grenada I would love to go to bed early on a weekend night, not because I wanted to sleep but because I could listen to the music from the parties I would have to stretch my ears to here. The variety of combo bands or steel band practice music was my heaven. Nights with particularly loud music which I know my parents didn’t care for because of the loudness were my favourite nights. When I came to the USA, right after I got a job a job as a janitor, my first purchase with my new found wealth was a small portable radio which I had taped to my industrial size vacuum cleaner. That radio and I were inseperable, I slept with it under my pillow at night and would stay up to all hours of the night tuning into some new type of music. In Grenada there were only a few am radio stations on island and then one FM radio station we could tune in from Trinidad on weekends sometimes. The variety of music on the radio in the States was amazing to...

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