Another day with the pups!

Today Zulu met up with his good buddy that he practically grew up with !!


Zulu and Watson are about the same age and love to romp and wrestle with one another. They are about the same weight and size and well matched in dispositions.

A few passes at the ball gave Zulu some running and jumping…

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After their fun playtime together Zulu & Sky and I went on to Crissy Field – a great beach with a surf that is virtually always gentle. They didn’t run and chase as much as usual but they still got in some good sand digging and bird chasing!

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2 Responses

  1. CurvyLou says:

    GREAT lookin’ pups. I love cattle dogs and herders. We don’t have any, but my boyfriend and I walk up Bernal Heights regularly, just to check out the dogs. Some day!

  2. ibdunn says:

    Yes -they are a joy -I will always have a dog or two. They are great companions.

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