Bonny Dunn

Bonny Dunn

It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know.
Henry David Thoreau

With a passion for life and a quest for discovering new things I present to you a taste of my life experience from my first 50 years of living with the anticipation of there being many more years of discovery and growth.

I consider myself very blessed for the life experience of an early childhood and youth, growing up on the island of Grenada (gra-NEH-da), West Indies.

My life experience since coming to the United States includes 4 years served in the US Navy and 25+ years in Commercial Aviation as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician.  I have a BA degree in Religion and Graphic Design and a passion for music.  I’ve studied Classical Guitar and love music of all genres.

Other hobbies/interests include having been a mobile DJ, working on my boat which I live on, enjoying the company of my wonderful dogs and just learning and discovering through whatever medium presents itself.  I recently purchased an RV (March of 2019) and the new adventures exploring the countryside will be included here.

Do join me on me journey of documenting my life-experiences; both from the past and yet to come.