A Windy Night

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  1. dadojodest says:

    It sounds like a nice pkace to live. I love to be on the water and miss my home on the river

  2. maggiepea says:

    I have threatened to buy a pontoon-style boat and move it out on one of the lakes in this area; probably Lake Mead (that I practically grew up on) or Lake Powell, who is famous for their House Boat Rentals. I seriously think I would love living on a boat! I’ve thought it all through and would get a hydroponic, vertical garden. I would probably have to get satellite internet and phone as there is no reception out there. I would want to continue writing. I wouldn’t want to live in a marina, i’m too paranoid of human predators these days. I would feel safer out in some lone canyon; although with the GPS tracking systems, I guess anyone would no where I am, or that SOMEONE is out there. Oh dear…
    I am impressed that you’ve lived on a boat for 15 years!

  3. ibdunn says:

    Thanks-yes boat life is awesome. I would prefer to live as an anchor out if it were not for my dogs and this wonderful marina i live in. This marina, very much reminds me of the marina my dad used to run in the caribbean. It is a real community with real neighbours who actually care about one another. We have no gates or locks. Dogs do not need to be on leashes and they run free -not wild but free. I call this place dog-heaven. It is dog and people heaven, set off enough from city life to be able to enjoy dark nights and bright stars and the peace and quiet and tranquility of the nature and the water. I set up the satellite internet for the people on my dock. And Satellite TV. We aren’t completely off the grid -but close :). I hope you get to experience your own version of the dream if it becomes right for you!

  4. maggiepea says:

    Amazing description. It really does sound like heaven! I loved reading “how you’ve done it.” Someday, maybe…..

  5. gridthusto says:

    Very cool post. I have always wanted to live on a boat myself. It sounds like it is just as great as I have dreamed it would be.

  6. ibdunn says:

    Thanks -yes it is a great lifestyle which I am grateful to be able to live

  7. There’s nothing so soothing as the clank of the ropes / lines / sheets / whatever…. on a windy night!

  8. ibdunn says:

    I quite agree. I think you may have the beginning of a poem there …

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