A day at the beach

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic!   Wrecked truck.  Trying to figure out insurance issues then new wheels then getting the new wheels in order and most recently the work of rebuilding my truck.  My patient pups have still had a few outings and lots of walks in the harbour but they have not their usual trek to the beach which has always been so relaxing and fun for all three of us.anticipation

A few days ago, after doing a little weed-wacking around my storage container in the harbour, I decided we needed a good beach outing!!  Sky and Zulu were both quite excited when I asked them if they wanted to go to the beach!!

Here’s a photo of when we first arrived at the beach . . .they were definitely wide eyed and ready to go!



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I live in such a picturesque and dog-friendly place that most people don’t understand why I would drive 30 minutes and across 2 bridges, pay 2 tolls just to take my dogs to the beach.  Well Crissy field is just an amazing beach and for now one of the most dog friendly beaches in the bay area.  The dog owners at this beach are super conscientious.  The dog walkers are also conscientious and then the people without dogs who come to the beach with and without their kids seem to for the most part enjoy the dogs.  It is one of the few dog friendly places in the bay area that is really filled with conscientious respect for one another.  I love it and so do the pups!


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