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Circle of Five

The Circle of Five – in response to the Daily Post:  A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

The company we keep can certainly be said to be an influence on our personality and mannerisms.  We can’t always choose the company we keep (work, home, etc) but we can make a choice within the company we keep to bring something uplifting to our surroundings and be about positive change and outlooks rather than the negative ones.

In thinking of 5 people I would want to spend time with -well you’ll recognise them I think and maybe consider including them in your circle of friends.

The first one I would want to consider as a friend and always be sure is in my company is Love.  Love can be a friend like no other.  He/She is comforting, kind, forgiving and compassionate.  Love gives of his/her time and affections without thought of return or judgement.

Joy is another friend that I would have in my company.  Joy and Love must be closely related because it seems they are always side by side and happy.  I’ve noticed that Envy and Greed seem to go the other way when Joy and Love are around so I would have to say I would prefer to keep the door shut to the subtleties of Envy and Greed and not include them in the circle of five.  Patience is one whom I hope will be my lifetime friend.  Patience has qualities which I would love to constantly remember to embody.  Listening quietly, not rushing, or in  a sense of hurry, just peaceful and content.

Humility really seems like a great one to keep company with and one from whom much could be learned.  Humility needs no recognition, no atta-boys, because Humility is humble.  The Humility I would like to associate with is best friends with Conscientiousness.  Conscientiousness is meticulous at doing a good job and Humility and Conscientiousness work together unnoticed simply because they are doing such a great job there is nothing to notice.I don’t know that I would limit myself to 5 in this circle.  Honesty of course would be a staple within the circle.  Sincerity, likewise would always be welcome.  Grace, where would be without Grace?  Soul, the very essence of feeling and sharing would certainly make the circle of friends demonstrably approachable and inclusive of others.  There certainly must be so many others I would include in this circle… let’s keep it growing!

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  1. susieshy45 says:

    Great take on this prompt Bonny. Enjoyed reading it !

  2. anniccazeva says:

    That’s wonderful thank you

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