Writing 101 Day 4: (part 2)… other things gained

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I’ve been practicing walking lately as part of my recovery plan.  A local beach, Crissy Field, has proved very therapeutic for both myself and the pups.  I can’t tolerate walking with shoes on the beach.  Much more painful.  Walking barefoot though is just about the right amount balance training (yes you do use balance muscles when you walk barefoot on the sand) for my foot retraining.  A day at Pt. Isabel last week (another large outdoor dogpark) reminded me of the absolute need to watch where you walk!

Gopher holes everywhere as it turns out tweaked my ankle a bit in the walk but again making me stronger though cautious.  It did not put me back on crutches just made me realise I can’t rush the walking by overdoing it especially when it comes to uneven ground.  One day at a time seems the best foot forward!


Every experience we are faced with does help us grow and become better people.  I do believe that this is at least the opportunity given us when faced with those challenges that want to drag us down and incapacitate.  My next post will be about some of the lessons learned …

(Assignment from Writing101) –Part 2

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

This doesn’t need to be a depressing exercise; you can write about that time you lost the three-legged race at a picnic. What’s important is reflecting on this experience and what it meant for you — how it felt, why it happened, and what changed because of it.

Today’s twist: Make today’s post the first in a three-post series.

Writing 101 Day 4: (part1) Something lost …but …

cast cover for the shower
cast cover for the shower

About 3 years ago I started having troubles with one of my feet.  Heel pain mis-diagnosed as plantar fasciitis eventually became stabbing pain in ankle joint and concluded (almost anyhow) with tendon transfer surgery.  Tendon transferred from one of my toes to inner ankle.  Three years of lost/limited mobility and limited duty at work at times seemed like a never ending journey.  The light at the end of the tunnel approaches as I have finally been able to relinquish the 9+ months of crutches and two casts.  Walking has seemed much more normal though not completely pain free. The ability to stand for decent periods of time, and walk far enough to no longer need the handicapped placard on a regular basis is a true freedom that at times seemed out of reach.

What good could possibly come from losing true mobility for practically 3 years?

To be continued… part 2 


(Assignment from Writing101) –Part 1

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

This doesn’t need to be a depressing exercise; you can write about that time you lost the three-legged race at a picnic. What’s important is reflecting on this experience and what it meant for you — how it felt, why it happened, and what changed because of it.

Today’s twist: Make today’s post the first in a three-post series.

Writing 101:day three. Three songs for

gbe_oboeWrite about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Overall my favourite music is electronic in the mode of Bargrooves & Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise.  I relax to that type of music.  Next to that I love Reggae & Steel Drum or Pan music and then the island party music of Soca & Calypso.  I love all types of music and especially music that is new to me.  I’ve recently acquired a taste for electro-swing music which is the old time swing music with a a new electronic beat to it  Will Magid is a local artist that really gets it and performs it very well.  You can find him on Soundcloud.  I love the Cajun/Dixie band music.  The Louisiana music with a beat.  When it comes to trying to define three favourite pieces of music I find myself drawn to music that has a certain feeling and to be honest I can only listen to it when I am in the right mindset.  So here goes on that info.  I added the Youtube stuff afterwards so you could get a taste.

The first song that comes to mind for this assignment is ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’ from the soundtrack for The Mission.  I don’t typically remember in depth details about a movie not am I particularly drawn to soundtracks.  When a movie or a soundtrack captures my attention though, I take away the spirit of that movie or soundtrack.  In the case of the both the movie and this particular song from the movie the feeling that sticks with me what I perceived to be the message of the movie.  The basic premise of the movie was a conversion mission of a South American people by the Jesuits.  Gabriel the Father in the movie winds up being transformed himself and in essence, to my sense, he realised the people he was trying to convert were more valuable and precious than the conflict over the conversion and he himself had a transformation of character and spirit.  He didn’t quit believing in God but the movie made it seem that his understanding of God was enlarged and enhanced by virtue of the people he was trying to convert and this resulted in a more inclusive appreciation for God for all of them.  To me this is the journey we all make in one way or another whether we believe in God or not.  Somewhere along the way there is a conversion moment where we allow more in our heart than selfishness and appreciate others around us in a new way or grow in a trans formative way.  I do believe that our minds as humans are naturally moved to be more than we are.  This piece of music, Gabriel’s Oboe always touches my soul and makes me remember that there is more in this world than myself!

The second song that comes to me as important is ‘Honey’ by Moby.  I love the whole album ‘Play’ by Moby.  The album kind of has a Gospel music flare and is upbeat and though the words are kind of monotonous on this track the feeling for me is one of upbeat forward movement.

The third song would have to be ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ by Mighty Sparrow.  This is a calypso/soca piece of music that focuses on Grenada’s Coup in 1979 where the Prime Minister Eric Gairy was overthrown.  March 13th 1979 is the day I am reminded of specifically.  You can read a bit about my experience that day here.  If you listen to the song you’ll hear about the Mongoose – a word for the Prime Minister’s Army.  Obeah is the quasi-religous belief he subscribed to along the lines of voodoo.  So the song brings back vivid memories of home, Grenada which I miss very much.

The Secret Garden Hostel in Quito, Ecuador

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Writing 101’s prompt of ‘where would I be?’  takes me back to my trip to Quito in 2006 and is definitely a trip I would love to repeat with the added benefit of a little more knowledge of the environment and what to expect along with the added flavour of knowing it’s been almost 10 years since my initial visit.

The Secret Garden Exterior
The Secret Garden ExterioDay Two: A Room with a View

I’d never stayed in a hostel before March of 2006.  I happened on the Secret Garden hostel as I was researching places to stay for my upcoming trip to Equador.  It was a very well-reveiwed place and an extremely affordable place to stay.

The word hostel had always left me with the vision of rows of bunks and youth mentally equating to parties and ultimately no sleep.  As I started researching the Secret Garden I came to realise that it did not fit into my preconceived notions.   It had to be too good to be true!  The Secret Garden as it turns out has the option to reserve your own room with a shared bathroom (shared with one other room) for at that time $14 a day.

I arrived in Quito knowing no-one but ready to venture out.  A modest taxi ride from the airport brought me to the colourful front door of the Hostel.  It was after dark and I could only hope I was in the right place.  It’s not like there were illuminated neon signs floating around (thank God!).

steps to roomI rang the doorbell and was able to check in and receive a key to my room.  Uneven colourful stairs took me to my room where I settled in with a fullsize bed a nightstand and a beautiful wall hangings.  Everything about the hostel and the room was clean and just right.  There was a common area just outside my room that had virtually no furniture in it but that was probably just as well in terms of keeping there from being loud gatherings there.

porch with a viewThe two primary meals at the Hostel were breakfast and dinner.  You could order a cooked sort of breakfast as I recall or just have a bowl of cereal and fruit.  The kitchen and seating area were upstairs on a covered porch that overlooked the historic area known as Old Town.

I’ve never really been a very outgoing person so I was a little apprehensive about the meeting of new people in this shared environment.  It was perfect and I quickly found myself very comfortable and at home in this paradise.  The dining veranda area was like a hang out area where you could hear the travels of others and get tips and advice or take part in signing up for one of the variety of trips offered by the staff.  There was a variety of day-trips etc you could arrange through the Hostel.

People of all ages were guests/residents there.  Some people had traveled there intending to spend a short time and wound up staying and working for the Secret Garden.

I fell in love with Quito and the Secret Garden.  I did find a hostel close by that was a few dollars cheaper and went by to take a look.  I don’t recall the name of the place but remember it being dark and the room tiny and no sense of comradery  -it really came across as a cheap room with no view or atmosphere.

I really enjoyed the people at the Secret Garden.  The weather couldn’t be better and probably is what would seal the deal for me as far as living there if that were an option.  Due to it’s elevation, though Ecuador is on the equator as the name implies, Quito itself is not a hot or humid place.  It can actually be quite cool and very reminiscent of the the San Francisco Bay area where I currently live.

My trip to Quito was an aside to my final destination of the Galapagos Islands.  The Galapagos are a part of Ecuador and the only way to get there besides by boat is via an aeroplane ride from Ecuador.   I was meeting friends in the Galapagos and cruised with them on their sailboat for about a week around a couple of the different islands.  The cruising part was fun but I cannot foresee myself ever returning to the Galapagos.  The heat was torturous and the only relief was the water and swimming.   The sights were certainly spectacular but if you didn’t go do your sightseeing and adventuring in the very early morning – well it was a  miserable day otherwise.  I felt sorry for those who came on the cruise boats with their schedules pre-planned by their hosts with real regard for the intense heat.

I digress.  To summarise: Quito wonderful, cool, comfortable, very friendly people and very affordable.  I would walk all over in the day time and catch a taxi back the hostel at night that would never cost more than a3-5 dollars.  (The currency in Quito is the US Dollar and that’s what you get from ATMs there too so no money denominations to learn as a foreigner).  Galapagos, lots to see as long as you don’t mind the unbearable heat!!

Writing 101: Day One: Unlock the Mind

WR_101Today is the beginning of another blogging challenge.  This is my third one now.  The first one was Blogging 101 followed by Photo 101 and now Writing 101.  With blogging 101 the point was to a get a functioning blog website going that you would through assignments add to daily.  It was pretty easy overall but required the discipline to participate as close to daily as possible.  If unable to participate daily then quite flexible in terms of just catching up with the assignments.  I am quite familiar with WordPress, the platform used in this series of courses so blogging 101 was definitely more along the lines of familiarising you with the platform.  For me the usefulness of the course was the habit of doing something daily.

Photography 101 was a lot of fun.  This course was also easy in the aspect of finding a subject matter to photograph to tie in with the assignment.  Some of the subject matters were more challenging than others and some of the photographs I took I’m still not quite happy with in terms of them fulfilling the assignment but overall it challenge me to commit to a daily habit.

Now I’m on to Writing 101.  The assignment for today was to unlock the mind by way of just letting pen to paper flow.  Since we are blogging this translates into letting the words flow on the computer screen and then publishing the post – the train of thought as experienced for a 20 minute timed write.  This post therefore is about writing.  It is the fruition of my allowing my immediate thoughts dictate the outcome of the post.  Unlocking the mind in this manner has proved easier than I had anticipated.

This last week was a bit of a break between Blogging Events offered by WordPress.com.  I had signed up for Writing 101 about 10 days ago I think and I was feeling rather tentative regarding committing mentally to joining in the course.  I thought to myself that I had plenty of things to write about and subject matters for my blog that I would like to see come to fruition so taking part in this course would distract me from my real mission of blogging on my desired subject matter.  Guess what!  I wrote like one post over the last week and did not manage to keep a daily habit so as such it would appear that the structure of a commitment is still needed so here I am.

Writing 101.  I am going to try and make this happen and keep the momentum going and maybe even write more than the assignments so as to fulfill my other mission and blog about chosen subject matters.


Breathless Moments

sunset2“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”
― Maya Angelou
What a saying and how true.  The breaths that take our breath away are those individually special moments.  For me it is things like sunsets and the way the same scenery can look so different each day as the sun sets and illuminates the surroundings with that very special sunset light.

No more premium parking receipts!

Practical jokes and good natured fun abound across the internet and in person especially in the realm of the advertising world on this day referred to as April Fools’ Day.  I love exploring the different examples of creativity from the various sources across the internet.

ticket avoidanceI looked at all sorts of media splashes across the web and found a number that sparked my interest.  My favourite of all maybe because I’ve received a ‘premium parking receipt’ before would have to be from Tesla!


Tesla Motors Ticket Avoidance Mode: To avoid parking tickets whenever and wherever possible, Tesla Motors next software update will include a Ticket Avoidance Mode. This mode will detect oncoming parking police, enacting a number of avoidance systems – including autonomous driving – to keep the ticket away from the vehicle.


I’d love to hear your favourite April Fool’s advertisement/campaign from 2015.  Do share!