A Windy Night

Living on a boat is full of adventures.  There are days when it seems no different than living on land. Then there are days like today when you have no doubt you are living on a boat!  This morning the rain was pounding down and there was nothing I could do to convince the dogs to brave the rain and go outside.  They were more than happy to wait till a small break in the weather came to go out and do their business.

All day the rain came down and the wind gusted through the marina.  I actually love this time of year and the storms that brew in the winter time.  I love my boat moving in the wind storms as though it were out on the high sea.  I don’t know that I loved it so much when I first moved onto my boat 15 years ago.  I was still learning the dos and don’t of living on the water.  One of the ‘dos’ is being prepared.  You must be prepared for the winter storms.  Dock lines need to be adjusted, anything that might blow away must be tied down, flashlights ready, and just a willingness to stay alert and pay attention to your own boat and your neighbours’ boats.  The biggest don’t would be, don’t put on a bunch of new dock lines right before the rainy season.  The rain will cause the lines to stretch out and you will be retying them constantly  all winter long.

I think the reason I love the windy days and nights so much now has to do with my experience.  I know I have done my part to be prepared and I don’t have to worry about sinking, or coming loose from lines.  Of course this does not mean I can let my guard down – I do still have to be alert and aware of the weather but I have a better sense of knowing what is happening and ways to be more proactive in being prepared and staying that way.





Today’s assignment was to make an ofScreenshot_020915_012332_AMficial ABOUT page along with a widget that would contain some key text from the ABOUT page without being too lengthy.

I’ve realised over the course of this last week that my goal for this blog is becoming more clear though not necessarily as defined as I might like.  I would like to chronicle a bit about, where I’ve been and where I am and will be going, if for nothing else, than to have something to look back on and remind me of progress.

For the ABOUT me widget, which I titled, YOUR AUTHOR, I tried to highlight some of the key events in my life that might encourage a reader to want to read more.  The text I have chosen to use in the widget does summarise my ABOUT page but hopefully entices the reader to want to read.  Also I see it as a source of credibility depending on the subject I may be exploring in any given post.

The ‘YOUR AUTHOR’ text widget I made is set to only be displayed on the HOME page.  I may change that later to appear everywhere -but I figure it might be a good idea to keep the blog portion ‘less busy’ aesthetically speaking.

And I continue to learn and grow and explore!

Independence Day 2015 & The Nutmeg

Nutmeg1 Is there anyone else out there that loves the smell of Nutmeg?

Today, the 7th of February, 2015 is the 41st anniversary of Grenada’s (greh-NAY-dah’s) Independence.

I grew up in the Spice Island of Grenada and  awakened this morning with a desire to write a little something about my home for today’s writing exercise. As I was thinking about a subject matter for my writing today, I made myself a cup of Chai Tea and then instinctively sprinkled a bit of Nutmeg on top. Doesn’t everyone do that?

I sipped on my tea, and smelled that wonderful and powerful aroma of the Nutmeg. Right then, I had a realisation.  Nutmeg is not a staple in most people’s diet and probably not a spice that most people would even think to add to their food or drink outside of perhaps, the Holiday Season.

Growing up in the Spice Island of Grenada,  Nutmeg was more than just a Holiday Tradition.  The aroma and taste of Nutmeg is something that melds with just about all foods as far as I am concerned!!  To be honest, I can live without salt or pepper but not without nutmeg and cinnamon!

Grenada attained its political independence from Britain in 1974 which meant having a new flag uniquely Grenadian.  The key element remaining on the new flag was the Nutmeg.  Nutmeg and tourism are the two main sources of revenue for Grenada so it is quite fitting that the Nutmeg dons our flag with honour.

Although from the sound of it’s name you might be inclined to consider the Nutmeg a nut, this is not the case.  The Nutmeg is in fact a fruit.  As the Nutmeg fruit ripens, it splits open while still on the tree, to reveal it’s seed.  Nutmeg the spice, is derived from the oval-shaped, lightly wrinkled dark brown seed of the Nutmeg fruit.  It is sold either whole or ground.  The best taste is derived from grinding the Nutmeg yourself when ready to use it.  This is not as practical as buying the already ground form of Nutmeg in the spice jar, but there is a definite enhancement of taste when you grind it yourself!

Covering the Nutmeg seed is a net-like bright red membrane which is in fact the Nutmeg’s twin spice, Mace.   The yellow outer body of the Nutmeg is the pericarp.  It is edible and used to make nutmeg jelly, syrup, and candy.  No part of the Nutmeg fruit is wasted in Grenada but the only parts really exported are the Mace and the Nutmeg seed.

I challenge you to consider integrating Nutmeg into your diet.  You will not be disappointed!  It really is not just for holidays and desserts.  Nutmeg is wonderful on sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage, broccoli & spinach.  Add a bit of butter or coconut oil to awaken your taste-buds to a flavourful combination.  Sprinkle it on raw or cooked apples or bananas to name a few fruits or add it to the top of your fruit salad.  Nutmeg on your breakfast foods, scrambled eggs, pancakes or oatmeal is delectable.  Nutmeg is generally best as an additive sprinkled after cooking on food that is still warm or freshly baked.  Do consider adding a touch of Nutmeg to your diet and spread the word!!

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Indonesia and Grenada are the only two significant exporters of Nutmeg with Grenada holding about 20% of the market!



Dream Audience-It’s all about YOU (and me)…US

One of my passions in life is music.  I have spent a number of years as a Mobile DJ.  Not a full-time job but a hobby of passion.  My motto/tag-line as a DJ was, ‘It’s all about You!’.  When you DJ you don’t play to please yourself, but rather, to please your audience.

This blogging 101 assignment was to write for your ‘dream reader’.  Of course the first step is to identify that dream reader!  The ‘audience’.  I over-analysed the assignment.  My dream reader at this point, as I am still learning to blog, includes YOU the reader and ME the writer, therefore, US.

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Engaging = Inspiration

Yesterday was spent reading & re-reading my neighbours blogs.  I found a number of new blogs to follow as well as some tags to keep an eye on.   In the spirit of the assignment I have come to realise as was stated in the assignment: ‘publishing is only half of blogging – engaging with the community is the other’.  The result of engaging = inspiration!

I thought I would summarise some of the blogs that have piqued my interest – in no particular order.

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First Impressions – Title & Tagline


One of the underlying reasons for my interest in Blogging 101 is to gain a sense of direction.

I have a couple of goals for this experience.

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Procrastination is not the answer!

A whole day late!
What have I done?

……………I’ve procrastinated.

Who am I?

The first that came to mind in response is the Neil Diamond song – ‘I am I said’ recently remade by Mikey Spice (reggae version) see bottom of this post for the YouTube video.

…………………………The lyrics are

“I am,” I said
To no one there … “

Neil_Diamond_MikeySpiceI think one of my resistances to actually writing on the internet in the blogging fashion is that it really does seem like you are writing to an unknown audience – ‘To no one there’ .  This blogging 101 mission of a daily assignment will I hope help me get over the resistances to writing and make writing more of the passion I would like it to be.

 I am my own person. Not in a defiant way but rather in an independent way.  I don’t believe in following the crowd but I also don’t want to be out of touch with the world.  I like to be informed and make responsible decisions. Continue reading